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Introducing the new Dainelli Collection

21 Aug 2019 |  Product spotlight

The new Dainelli Collection range from the Milan based DainelliStudio marks their first collaboration with King Living.

Founded in 2007, the architect and designer couple, Marzia and Leonardo helms the multi-faceted studio specialising in interior design and art direction. The studio has accumulated a pedigree of collaborations with prestigious furniture design companies including Arketipo, Aston Martin and Fendi House.

Renowned for their use of craftsmanship, mixed materials and clean lines, The Dainelli Collection introduces subtle lines and soft curves, that belie the sturdiness of the construction, which combines long-lasting performance with a simple and elegant design aesthetic. The result is a mix of international aesthetics underpinned by references to Italian industrial design masters.

Introducing five new products, including bedroom and living storage solutions, a practical yet elegant desk and a stunning bookcase. Each piece has been designed so that it can work cohesively as a set or stand beautifully on its own. It comes in three rich timber colour finishes – American Walnut, Smoked Oak and Congo.

Roma Bedroom & Living Storage

Many storage solutions prioritises functionality over aesthetic, with many disregarding that the two should exist in unity. The Dainelli Roma collection have been beautifully crafted so that it embellishes the environment as opposed to being there to solely serve a practical purpose.

The Dainelli’s have made sure that their new collection is rooted in aesthetic and functionality. Not only have they considered four different variations, of different sizes to suit any lifestyle needs, they have made sure that each piece is of sculptural quality that is able to stand on its own artistic merits.

The range has been designed to perfectly suit both the bedroom and living environment, from its soft form edges allowing free-flowing movement to its soft-close drawer runners that ensure whisper quiet operation and minimal disturbance, whilst providing ample storage.

Roma Entertainment Sideboard

King Living - Dainelli Roma Entertainment Sideboard

The low and sleek profile of the Roma Entertainment Sideboard is a perfect way to anchor the living room without being overpowering. Adorn with your favourite books, vases and artwork to elevate the room.

Roma Sideboard 4 Drawer

King Living - Dainelli Roma Sideboard

The Roma Sideboard is a great addition to the dining room with ample space to store homewares and its dual function as a buffet table.

Roma Bedside 2 Drawer

King Living - Dainelli Roma Bedside Drawer

The soft form edges of the Roma Bedside Table are perfectly suited to the bedroom environment allowing free-flowing movement, without the hazard of sharp edges.

Tuscan Desk

With the increased importance of the ‘home office’, creating a space you love to work in should be your number one priority. Maintaining a clutter free space is key to increasing work productivity, and one of the ways to keep your working space clear and calm is with a minimalist desk to set the mood for your workspace.

The Tuscan desk is the perfect choice. The sense of gravitas of the Oak and Walnut timber is softened by the elimination of sharp edges, which makes it a perfect option as a desk for your home office or a dresser for the bedroom. Reminiscent of the Tuscan Cypress trees, the legs of the desk add lightness to the elegant design.

King Living - Dainelli Roma Tuscan Desk

Small decorations like desk plants will help add weight and bring balance to the silhouette of the desk. Try to steer away from adding overly large and heavy decorations so that it does not overwhelm the proportion of the desk.

Libreria Bookcase

Display shelves are an engaging way to add personality to your home. The minimal and timeless design of the Libreria bookcase has been created so that it can be integrated within any type of home.

In order to style the shelves, it’s important to keep in mind some of the do’s and don’ts. When styling, composition can be tricky when you have multiple items to assemble together - one trick is to view them as a single unit. Furthermore, layering a few items in front of each other will add depth and dimension to your displays. Lastly, it’s important to bring balance to the overall display of your unit. You don’t want anything overly large that will overpower the space, nor do you want decorations that are too small, as they will get lost.

King Living - Dainelli Libreria Bookcase

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