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New Year Resolution: Get More Sleep

28 Dec 2018 |  Product spotlight

Think new mattress in the New Year. Here’s a quick guide to sleeping better in 2019.

It’s that time of the year to reminisce the journey so far while setting intentions for a healthier and wiser you, going forward. In our commitment to making lifestyle changes, let's also make sure to pay attention to one of the most crucial factors for our well-being.


In this day-and-age of hyper-productivity, sleep is almost always discounted out of the wellness equation. Yet, lack of sleep over a period of time can result in moodiness, tiredness, poor concentration, even high blood pressure and depression.

Since a third of your day is devoted to rest, investing in the right mattress is key to feeling healthier and happier. We recommend looking for one that keeps your head, neck and spine in alignment for maximum support and comfort. This will also ensure you’re rested and energised and at your productive best through the day.

Now, if you’re looking to sleep better in the New Year, the Sleep+ premium mattress range by King Living could just be what you need to wake up refreshed and ready. Available in 3 product variations, here are a few reasons why you’re going to love it.

1. Superior motion isolation: With engineered and individually wrapped and zoned Kingcell pocket coil springs, the Kingflex base ensures your partner’s sleep is not affected by your movement on the mattress. The base is further wrapped in quality foams to accentuate the effect. Flip the base to enjoy either a firm or soft support.

King Living - Opera On The Beach

2. Choice of supportive layers: A quality mattress is known to ease aches and pains and also reduce stress. Sleep+ lets you select from a series of four comfort layers to place on top of the mattress base. The Premium Firm layer ensures proper spine alignment and weight distribution resulting in deeper rest. The Natural Latex layer relieves pressure point discomfort, and the Memory Foam layer creates a feeling of sink-in relaxation. Or, experience the best of natural latex and memory foam with the Hybrid comfort layer.

3. More breathability: Breathability in a mattress can have a considerable impact on heat and moisture management and is crucial for comfort. Luckily for you, the Sleep+ mattress’ construction promotes airflow thus helping maintain comfortable body temperatures throughout the night.

King Living - Opera On The Beach

4. Year-round comfort: No Sleep+ mattress is complete without their Fit Covers. So, whether you’re a hot-sleeper or looking for extra warmth in the winters or just need your bed to help you relax and breathe, King Living offers fit covers to take care of all these seasonal needs.

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Sleep+ by King Living - a mattress for life


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