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Styling the Eto Dining and Coffee Tables

30 Aug 2019 |  Product spotlight

Eto Range

In one of the most anticipated launches of the year, King Living’s exceptional Eto collection by Tom Fereday grows from sophisticated desk to glamorous dining and living range.

The new Eto dining table and coffee tables are a natural progression, creating a slender and elegant range for working, dining and living.

Fereday’s pared-back dining table design flawlessly embodies the notion of ‘new classic’. “The Eto range allowed us to explore new materials and profiles for the collection, in particular, natural stones Marquina and Carrara.” Says Tom.

When styled properly, the dining and coffee tables can add immense value as a focal point in your home. Understanding a few simple rules and tricks can easily make your room feel warm and welcoming. Read on to find out King Living’s recommendations on how to style these pieces and transform your space.

Eto Coffee Table

Eto Range Coffee Table

It's all about balance

Achieving balance is one of the most important elements for any coffee table display. The simplest way to pull this off is to start with symmetry. For any square or rectangular coffee tables, start by dividing the table in four equal squares so that you can style each section accordingly to achieve their own balance and symmetry. One beautiful technique is to ground each quadrant with a prominent central item like a sculpture or a pyramid of books. Slowly fill the surrounding with smaller objects of visual appeal like candles, plants and homewares.

However, in the case of round coffee tables like the stunning featured Eto Marble Coffee Table, a bit more planning is needed to achieve symmetry. Think of it as one large quadrant with one dominant central object. in this instance, they work best when items are arranged in a triangular formation.

Play with themes and layouts

Experiment with different themes. For example, if you’re creating a book stack, make sure to add some candles or boxes on the top to craft a more layered appearance. Adding a tray is also a great way to anchor the collection of items you’re displaying, further adding depth and layers.

Incorporate high and low elements

In addition to playing with layers, it’s important to take into consideration the varying heights of your objects. This helps create multiple focal points for the eye to see, which makes a visual feast for your eyes. However, having your items of similar height will make your arrangements appear uniform and unappealing.

Eto Dining Table

Eto Range Dining Table

When it’s not being used for dining, the dining table like the elegant Eto Marble Dining Table offers a large canvas for you to unleash your creativity.

Adding plants and fruits

Indoor plants and flowers are an amazing way to bring life and personality to the dining room. If you’re feeling generous, arrange them in a variety of vases of varying shapes and size. Keep the number of vases in odd numbers like one, three and five as they work best visually. If the constant update of fresh flowers is not your cup of tea, consider using faux plants. You can also introduce native plants from your garden - not only is this cost effective but also fun to play around with

Creating a dining vignette

Vignettes are a clever alternative for those who have a smaller sized dining table or regularly needs to clear their table decorations to make way for meals. A beautiful vignette works best if you place careful consideration into the items you need daily and select them beautifully. Anchor your herbs and spices with a sleek wooden or marble board. Not only will these save you time by having the things you need already on the table, but they help form wonderful presentations for your dining table.


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