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How to arrange and customise the Jasper modular Sofa

23 May 2022 |  Inspiration

Australia's multi award-winning sofa

Our modern-day lives call for flexible design solutions.   

You have likely moved home and discovered your sofa’s left-hand-side chaise no longer suits, or it's simply the wrong size.   

With a modular sofa design like Jasper, you don’t have to replace your furniture when your living space changes.  

Modular design is inherent to the KING philosophy of flexible living and sustainability and been part of our sofa design for the past five decades. KING furniture is built to change and adapt to your lifestyle, giving longevity to your investment.  

Jasper’s modular components can be arranged into numerous configurations – Jasper is a sofa, a bed, a side table, and a bookshelf rolled into one. But how does this work?  

This article explores how the best-selling Jasper modular sofa can be arranged and customised to your preferences. 


How does Jasper's modular connecting system work?


The modular Jasper sofa is built with our patented connecting system that allows backs, arms, and seats to be arranged in various positions.   

Watch to discover the true flexibility of Jasper and learn the endless ways this sofa can be configured and customised.



What are the Jasper configuration options?


Jasper is available in a range of different packages and sizes, with the option to purchase additional modules to increase the seating capacity at a later time. 

Watch to see how you can configure Jasper Package 13 and Package 13b our smallest package options. 


Australia's multi award-winning sofa


  • Jasper Package 13 and Package 13b are the smallest package options
  • Seats 4 
  • Can be arranged in five ways 
  • Option to separate and create two sofas 
  • Your chaise can be positioned on the left or right anytime you like 
  • Option to remove the chaise altogether if this doesn’t suit your space 

 To learn more, view the full range of Jasper package options. 

How to turn Jasper into a guest bed


Jasper is truly a lifestyle option. With the ability to transform into a luxurious guest bed, there will always be a comfortable solution for your visitors. 

By simply removing the sofa arms from the platform and connecting the bed brackets you can reposition your Jasper modules to create a guest bed. 

Learn how to turn Jasper into a guest bed using the Jasper Bed Brackets.



How to connect custom Jasper accessories 


Jasper can be customised with a range of smart accessories, including a wireless charging table, LED reading light, and SONOS compatible speaker bracket. 

Using the supplied cable guide, Jasper’s smart accessories can be inserted into the allocated section of the Smart Pocket™. 

Watch how to install a Jasper Smart Round Table using Smart Pockets. 



In addition to smart accessories, Jasper can also be customised with a media console and timber shelving in your choice of finish.  

Learn how Jasper’s iconic timber shelving can transform from an arm into a convenient shelf. 



Jasper’s media console provides a convenient option for stowing away items within arm's reach, and with discreet wiring, you can connect a subwoofer with ease. 

Watch how to install a subwoofer into the Jasper Media Console. 



Is Jasper the right modular sofa for you?


Jasper’s award-winning design is characterised by its modularity and customisation.  

There are so many options, from creating a guest bed, changing your chaise location, expanding or reducing the amount of seating, to customising with a range of accessories. 

The driving force behind the KING in-house design studios' choice to create modular sofa designs is longevity and flexibility. Life happens, people move to new apartments, upsize, or downsize, and lifestyles evolve. And KING furniture will evolve with you. 

If you love the Jasper sofa and would like to learn more, you can view the Jasper product page or explore our honest Jasper review and find out if this is the right modular sofa for you. 


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