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Discover the King Difference

19 Feb 2021 |  Design

The King Difference

"From the beginning, we didn't follow the traditional ways of making furniture, we did things our own way, which was different. Those points of difference that we created when we started are still applied today." – David King.


King is a pioneer of Australian design, renowned for creating furniture that marries the power of innovation with traditional handcrafted methods. Understated, timeless designs that are at once refined and purposeful. Furniture that embraces the authentic Australian lifestyle, built to adapt to our changing lives and last for generations. The King Difference embodies an enduring commitment to quality Australian design. It’s a story that started over forty years ago. 

The King story

The King story is grounded in innovation. In 1977 David and Gwen King began designing and handcrafting original foam furniture from their family home. They shared a vision to make furniture built to last a lifetime. They opened a stall at Sydney’s Paddy’s Market, and the King’s modular foam sofas proved so popular that demand soon outgrew supply.

“We wanted to make furniture that would stand the test of time. We started making simple, pure designs.” – David King.

In 1979 David and Gwen moved King manufacturing to Annandale and opened the flagship Showroom in the same location on Parramatta Road. This Showroom continues to be a design destination today. The Annandale store gave David a direct connection to his customers while allowing him to maintain quality control.

The King Difference

David King works on new designs with the King in-house designers

Longevity in steel

The King reputation for quality is built on steel. “Polo”, the first King steel frame sofa, was introduced in 1979. Driving through Sydney's streets, David was appalled by the broken furniture he saw piled up for rubbish collection on front verges of suburban homes. He was determined to deliver an innovative solution by designing furniture that was built to last a lifetime rather than destined to end up in landfill. 

"We design our furniture from the inside out. The steel frame is the foundation of our products. It ensures that the furniture will last." – David King. 

Today the steel frame is the foundation of the King Difference – its strength underpins the flexibility, functionality and simplicity in each King sofa. Backed by a 25-year warranty, the steel frame's integrity ensures longevity. The Postureflex® Seating System, inspired by European car technology, works together with the steel frame to provide support and maintain the true lines of the furniture for years to come. 

Flexible design

Buying a quality sofa is an investment. It’s a decision that must consider how you live now and how you’ll live in the future. But as we all know, life happens - families grow, lifestyles evolve and tastes change. To deliver a truly sustainable solution, David King turned his attention to flexibility, and began creating furniture designed to adapt to our changing lifestyles.

“We design our furniture to be flexible. If you move to a larger living space you don’t have to buy new furniture, King furniture will change and adapt to your lifestyle. You can move the components around to suit the new living space, and with ordinary furniture, you can't do this.” – David King.

Over the years, King designs have evolved to offer greater flexibility through modular components, space-saving storage and most recently, smart accessories.

The Delta revolution

In 1998, the first Delta sofa revolutionised Australian furniture with the simplicity of its modular design. Here was a sofa that could be configured to suit any space, from compact apartments to large, open plan living areas. Love for the flexible design soon spread across the globe. In 2005, the updated Delta II became Australia’s most famous sofa. It appeared on Oprah and was the seating of choice for celebrities at the famed Vanity Fair Oscar Party.

The King Difference

Fully modular flexible living - Delta III featured in Roma Tan

Removable covers

When it comes to flexibility, options are key. Removable covers on sofas, chairs and bedheads allow for easy updates and ensure King furniture will last for generations. One of the first King designs – the “Chair” - was recently discovered and brought back to life by the in-house KingCare Service Team.

The King Difference

How to style your home for comfort

More than thirty years later, the newly recovered Chair, designed by David King, is a testament to timeless King design. Photo by Felix Forest.

"Removable covers allow you to update your furniture, to clean the covers, repair them, replace them… With other furniture you can't do that as easily, that's why King furniture lasts longer and is less likely to end up in landfill." – David King.

The King Differece

How to style your home for comfort

Removable covers are made at the King sewing room in Sydney.

Sustainable choices

From the very beginning, King has retained complete control over the design, manufacture and delivery of its products. It was a commitment David King was intent on making when he moved operations from the family home to a small shopfront factory and hung a sign out the front reading, “Direct To You”. Not only did selling direct help David understand his customer's needs, it also meant he could control quality and make sustainable choices around materials and manufacturing techniques.

“Sustainability is of utmost importance to King… Because we have full control over our products, we can ensure they’re sustainable, that the components we're using are recyclable that the furniture will last and is less likely to end up in landfill." – David King.

Timeless Australian Design

How to style your home for comfort

Zaza Outdoor, designed by Charles Wilson featured in Malibu Blush, fits perfectly with our relaxed Australian lifestyle.

“We don’t design furniture to fit into trends, we design furniture that will stand the test of time, furniture that will last. Over time our designs have evolved and keep improving, and they’re better now than they’ve ever been.” – David King.

King has pioneered Australian design for over forty years. And the enduring commitment to creating timeless designs that enhance people’s lives continues to evolve. Collaborations with leading Australian designers, including Charles Wilson and Tom Fereday, push the boundaries of what furniture can do. The King Difference continues to raise the benchmark for Australian designed furniture.

Learn more about The King Difference. 

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