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Introducing Reo II and Reo II Recliner: Contemporary comfort meets innovation

24 May 2022 |  Inspiration

Australia's multi award-winning sofa

The second iteration of Reo has arrived. 

Available in two distinct models, you can choose Reo II Recliner to experience full-body comfort with reclining headrests and footrests. Or opt for the simplicity of Reo II, which features folding gas strut headrests for high-back support. 

Now with a more streamlined design, both Reo II and Reo II Recliner have been exquisitely crafted for personal comfort and timeless appeal. 

Continual innovation and improvements are part of the KING DNA.  

From the refinement of existing characteristics to new additions that create extra benefits to enjoy, KING designs are considered from every angle.  

The Reo II evolution illustrates the lens of careful consideration placed on every single aspect of a design. It is this attention to detail that creates the optimal combination of form and function which KING is known for. 


Sleek, luxury design

Australia's multi award-winning sofaSmooth lines and pared-back features create a timeless aesthetic.


With Reo II, the optimal goal of comfort without sacrificing style has been achieved. 

Where many reclining sofas are bulkier and created purely for comfort, Reo II offers the ideal combination of luxurious comfort and superior functionality without compromising on its sleek design aesthetic. 

Key aesthetic transformations include wrapped angles at the arms and a cleaner Smart Pocket™ finish. While subtle, these changes work together to create a more timeless, streamlined silhouette than ever before.  


Relax into luxury

Jasper IIRelax into full-body comfort with the Reo II.


Whether you opt for the Reo II Recliner or Reo II you can relax into the ideal level of support for lasting, full-body comfort. 

Reo II Recliner  

The ultimate in personal comfort, Reo II Recliner glides into full-body comfort with seamless, integrated TouchGlide® motion technology. Your individual headrests and footrests recline at touch of a button.  

Reo II 

Elegant in its simplicity, Reo II features gas strut operated headrests that effortlessly transition from a low profile to high back, providing enhanced support while you relax. 


Engineered comfort


Like all KING sofas, the KING steel frame underpins Reo II’s robust functionality and is backed by a 25-year warranty.  

The KingCell® high tensile compression springs work in harmony with the Postureflex® Suspension System to ensure seat cushions maintain an even firmness and lasting support. 

Reo II wraps you in true personal comfort.  


Customised for you

Jasper IIReo II is fully customisable with a range of accessories and finishes.


Available in four sizes, from a luxurious three-seater to a generous armchair and matching ottoman, Reo II can be customised to suit your personal preferences. 

You can choose from a range of premium leather or fabric covers to customise Reo II to your style. The individually tailored covers are also easily removed for professional cleaning and can be updated with a new look. 

Elegant tapered legs are customisable in your choice of three premium timber finishes, including Congo, American Walnut or Smoked Oak. 

With the Smart Pocket™ feature you can connect in comfort with a range of optional accessories, including a wireless charging table, LED reading light and SONOS compatible speaker bracket. 

Reo II shows that there is always a new perspective to bring to every design. Keeping open to possibilities for change and learning from experience is what leads to true design mastery. 


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