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Keep Your Bedroom Tidy: Invest in a Storage Bed

28 Mar 2019 |  Product spotlight

Here are three ways storage beds can keep your bedrooms looking decluttered and pretty.

Effective storage solutions are a prerequisite for a functional, orderly and practical home. And, regardless of whether you live in a large or compact dwelling, isn’t the opportunity for expanding your living spaces, a welcome idea?

Now, imagine adding invisible storage in your bedroom – transforming it into a space that feels organised and extensive. That’s where storage beds come in. Adding a punch of modernity to your bedroom design and organisation, these beds offer a unique solution when it comes to living smarter, staying tidier and keeping your life in order.

To find out more on how storage beds could help you organise, read on. Plus, here are recommendations from King Living to lend functionality and style to your private sanctuary.

They help reduce visual clutter and maximise floor space

A storage bed will help you steer clear of additional furniture like cupboards, armoires, chest of drawers, etc., – in turn freeing up more floor space for movement and ensuring your room feels clutter free and at its functional best.

Sample the elegant Promenade storage bed that comes with a generous in-built storage compartment, making it an ideal fit for large and small bedrooms alike. The minimalistic yet elegant headboard is also customisable and can be upholstered in a range of fabrics or luxurious European leathers.

“We chose the Promenade bed because I love a bed head, but I didn’t want it to be the feature of the room, and the fabric base is so softening to the space, but to be honest the real highlight is the under bed storage!"

Sara Crampton - Harper and Harley

They make locating things and objects easy

With items stowed inside the bed’s storage area, you’ll find everything you need in one dedicated spot. So, no more crawling under the bed to get a hold of something you may have put away last season. Additionally, all King Living storage beds are designed with a gas-lift hydraulic system which makes lifting the mattress base effortlessly easy. In fact, their soft closing mechanism also helps reduce wear and tear, enhancing the bed’s longevity. Check out the Serenade Soft bed that comes with a generous storage compartment coupled with an upholstered base and headboard.

They lend personality and style to your bedrooms

In addition to keeping your spaces immaculate and neat, these beds are available today in a wide range of designs to ensure you can find one that aligns with your room’s décor theme.

The Symphony bed, for instance, works to create the drama and the statement of a centrepiece in your bedroom. The use of an upholstered winged headboard on top of a timber veneer base helps accentuate the luxe quotient of your room.

The Serenade storage bed, on the other hand, adds tons of contemporary flair. It comes with an elegant timber base in three rich colour finishes – American Walnut, Smoked Oak and Congo. Built on an engineered steel frame, all King Living storage beds also provide the highest levels of resilience and durability.

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