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Felix Studio Bed

Luxurious versatility

Redefining versatility for modern living, the Felix Studio Bed transforms from sofa to bed at the touch of a button with TouchGlide™ technology. The low slimline design makes way for deep, generous seats with tufted cushions for exceptional comfort.

Customise the tailored removable covers in your choice of premium fabric or European leather. Covers are easily removed for professional cleaning or replaced for a fresh new look.


Ingenious design

Ingenious design

Functional and stylish, the seat and chaise retract into a sofa position when not in use. The famous KING steel frame supports the base, complemented by the Postureflex® seating system designed to provide the ultimate in support and lasting comfort, backed by the 25-year steel frame warranty.

Smart Pockets™

Smart Pockets™

Discreet Smart Pockets™ are convenient for storing remote controls and electronic devices and allow you to integrate optional sofa accessories, including side tables with optional wireless charging and the gesture-controlled LED Lume Light, each available in signature timber finishes.
King Difference

Engineered for comfort and support

Every King Living Sofa is crafted with a King Steel Frame and Postureflex® Seating System for a lifetime of comfort.

King Steel Frame

Precision-engineered for durability, the steel frame provides a robust and flexible foundation, accommodating endless configurations with ease.

Postureflex® Seating System

Inspired by luxury European cars' sophisticated steel suspension systems, the innovative design ensures exceptional comfort and optimal support.

25 Year Steel Frame Warranty

Backed by a 25 year guarantee, the steel frame is the strong foundation that ensures your sofa will last a lifetime.

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Felix Studio Bed

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