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King Cloud V


State-of-the-art recliner

Smarter than ever, surround yourself in next-generation luxury with the NEW King Cloud V. Ideal for your home cinema or living space, TouchGlide™ technology puts tailored reclining at your fingertips. Integrate SmartPocket™ accessories for customised comfort.

Developed in Australia by the KING design team, the modular King Cloud V can be configured to suit your home while the space-saving reclining back mechanism allows the sofa to be placed close to a wall.

World’s most advanced home cinema seating

Experience reclining like never before with King Cloud V, offering smooth gesture control, memory function, and integrated surround sound capability. Enrich your entertainment in your dedicated home cinema or luxurious living room with King Cloud V.
TouchGlide™ Control

TouchGlide™ Control

Recline, and adjust head, seat and footrests with just a touch and swipe of a button. Program your personal comfort preferences for a seamless lounging experience. The optimised design features infrared safety technology for peace of mind.

Smart accessories

Smart accessories

Connect in comfort with a range of smart accessories, including a wireless charging table, LED reading light and Sonos compatible speaker bracket that integrates seamlessly with Smart Pocket™. The optional Smart Arm offers clever storage, keeping remotes and personal devices in easy reach.
Full body comfort

Full body comfort

Expertly engineered for comfort, the sleek low back design incorporates refined layered cushions. The famous King Living steel frame works in unison with the Postureflex® Seating System to provide unrivalled comfort and lasting support, making the modular design ideal for living spaces as well as home cinemas.







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King Difference

Engineered for comfort and support

Every King Living Sofa is crafted with a King Steel Frame and Postureflex® Seating System for a lifetime of comfort.

King Steel Frame

Precision-engineered for durability, the steel frame provides a robust and flexible foundation, accommodating endless configurations with ease.

Postureflex® Seating System

Inspired by luxury European cars' sophisticated steel suspension systems, the innovative design ensures exceptional comfort and optimal support.

25 Year Steel Frame Warranty

Backed by a 25 year guarantee, the steel frame is the strong foundation that ensures your sofa will last a lifetime.

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King Cloud V 2.5 Seater RW Smart

Full Price From $5,189 Sale Price From $3,990


King Cloud V 2 Seater 800 RW Smart

Full Price From $5,098 Sale Price From $3,690


King Cloud V 3 Seater 800 RW Smart

Full Price From $7,232 Sale Price From $5,490


King Cloud V Armchair 800 RC Smart

Full Price From $2,913 Sale Price From $2,100


Media Console XW Smart Charge

Prices based at fabric starting price.

Full Price From $697 Sale Price From $454